• Model: 07934082

For the rear Brembo Racing Calipers P2 24 CNC (2 pads caliper).

Special backplate with hole for fixing the radiator!

This special compound H38 is similar to the Z04 for the highest level of racing use like Moto3 / 125 cc. Used by many Top Teams and Top drivers!
Compound fits for 2-parts CNC Racing Calipers P2 24, rear (206001). For Racing discs Inox with 24 mm brake area!

special features:
- Top Performance for the highest level of racing under all conditions
(cold-hot / wet-dry)
- constant performance of the pads until the end of use
- resistance to higher temperature
- pads are easyly to bed in
- low wear
- best performance with steel-discs, 24 mm brake area.

order-no. per pice = for one caliper 206001 2 pieces are necessary



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