• Model: 07BB33LA

Sinter Road LA Performance white ( 4 single pads )

Brembo usage list & compounds - PDF 


Price = Set ( 4 single pads ) for one brake caliper / brake disc


Original Brembo and directly from Brembo!

The secrect of perfect braking is also in the brake pads. Brembo as a world leading name in brakes is offering a full range of high performance pads for every type of bike and for the specific needs of the rider. This will improve the performance and safety of the entire braking system.


Main features LA:

  • specific new Sinterpad Brembo LA for the bikes of the new Generation
  • constant friction
  • very good performance under all condintions
  • similar to the well knowen Brembo - SA compound, but with better ignitial touch and excellent durability
  • white backplate



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