• Model: VD-192RJLXX

For models BMW M1000 RR, Honda CBR 1000RR-R Std. with OE calipers Nissin (like Brembo-no. 07GR99SR / M578Z04). See list!

Vesrah, a Japanese company was founded 1950 and is OEM supplier for may bike-producers in Japan. The products have a very high quality.

Vesrah developed during the last years several special Sinter brake pads for racing (and street) like the compounds JL / RJL / RJLXX / RJLSS especially for steel discs. For example the driver Mark Junge / WERA -Suzuki won with Vesrah Sinterpads RJLXX several times the US-Endurance Championship.
Especially for the professional and semi-professional drivers on the racetrack.

Special features of the compound XX:
- Power:.......very high
- Control:.....high
- Life:...........long
- Disc wear...low

Some more features:
- top brake-performance under all conditions (hot-cold, dry-wet)
- soft but stronger initial bite than RJL-compound, so aggressive corner attack with confidence is possible
- very good performance even under cold conditions
- constant performance of the pads until the end of use
- low wear
- very good performance with Brembo - steel-discs, but very good with most of the other steel-discs, too

order-no. set = for one caliper



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