• Model: XA1J040

Order no.: XA1J040 (brake caliper, rear without pads)

CNC brake caliper for Racing discs (24 mm brake area)!
P2 30 CNC brake caliper with Titan pistons
Brembo Racing Pure, hard anodized
(ideal for 24 mm brake ring)

- Distance of the mounting hole 64 mm for the pure racing
- 2 pistons, titanium with 2 x 30 mm in diameter
- Hard anodized surface
- 2 individual pads / pads are held with a pin and a spring in the middle
- Brake Fluid DOT 4 or 5.1
- Hand-painted, red Brembo - Logo, a sign of Brembo Racing Products
- Weight approx. 348 grams
- Delivery without pads 07934020 (organic)!

Available spare parts:
XA1J009 Spindle, Titanium
05454217 Pin for spindle
XA1J046 Pads retainer
101739 Bleeding screw
05150210 Bleeding screw cover



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