• Model: XB4S520

Order no.: XB4S520 (brake caliper, rear without pads)

CNC brake caliper for Racing discs (24 / 30 mm brake area)!
P2 30 CNC brake caliper with Titan pistons
Brembo Racing Pure, hard anodized
(ideal for 24 mm brake ring)
Actually used from many teams in Moto2, rear.

- Distance of the mounting hole 64 mm for the pure racing
- axial Fixing with 16,5 mm offset
- 2 pistons, titanium with 2 x 30 mm in diameter
- Hard anodized surface
- 2 individual pads / pads are held with a pin and a spring in the middle
- Brake Fluid DOT 4 or 5.1
- Hand-painted, red Brembo - Logo, a sign of Brembo Racing Products
- Weight approx. 348 grams
- Delivery without pads 07934020 (organic) and radiators!

Available spare parts:
XA1J009 Spindle, Titanium
05454217 Pin for spindle
XA1J046 Pads retainer
101739 Bleeding screw
05150210 Bleeding screw cover

In addition to order (not included in this delivery):
XB4S528 Kit Radiator




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