• Model: 120A44113
Suitable as a replacement for the original brake caliper, complete with adapters. Materials, design and functional characteristics are similar to the known CNC - Brake calipers from the GP-Sport. Suitable replacement pads from Brembo are 07BB2035 (organic) and 07BB2065 (sinter). The original brake disc (or wheel accessory) can easily be used.

Order no.: 120A44113 (P2 Brembo brake caliper 34, with adapter and pads, rear ZX 10 R'08-'10 / no original wheels!)

Fits not with the original rear wheel!

Technical data:

- CNC - milled, 2 - piece brake caliper

- 2 flask with 34 mm diameter

- Mounting hole spacing of 84 mm

- Including brake linings Standard

- Brake Fluid DOT 4 or 5.1

- Handdrawn, red Brembo - Logo, as a sign of Brembo Racing Products

- Complete with adapter, CNC



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